You have a home at PFLAG Los Angeles

We are parents and children, brothers and sisters, grandparents and friends

We are gay and lesbian, straight, bisexual, and transgender. We are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and non-religious. We are united by a commitment to make a safe place for people to come and talk about their experiences relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

In fact, we’re a lot like you. Each of us has come to our first PFLAG meeting with a many conflicting and confusing emotions – love, sadness, anger, guilt, fear, liberation, embarrassment to name only a few. We found understanding, help, and friendship. And we learned we are not alone. Neither are you. We are here to share the journey to acceptance with you. You have a home at PFLAG Los Angeles.

What is PFLAG Los Angeles?
PFLAG Los Angeles is an all volunteer organization run by parents, family members, LGBTQ persons and their friends. Each of us came for help, found support, and joined the organization to assist others on their journey to acceptance. Our chapter, together with a group in New York City, founded the national PFLAG organization, which provides assistance to over 400 independent chapters nationwide. In this section you’ll find our mission statement, a biography of our indomitable founder Adele Starr, past copies of our informative newsletter, and a link to PFLAG National’s website.