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There’s a lot to learn about life in the LGBTQ Community

Wednesday, November 16 – 7:00 pm   

Does the LAPD “protect and serve” the LGBTQ community?

Sergeant Julianne “Jules” Sohn will speak about her work with the LGBTQ community since 2016. Sohn, now Supervisor for the Community Relations Section, is the LAPD LGBTQ Liason and Cultural Competency Training Coordinator, making sure those who guard us get it right!

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Wednesday, October 19 – 7:00 pm   

Stuart Howell Miller Bell has spent his life opening doors for LGBTQ persons

In 1999, his searing book Prayer Warriors told the story of coming out in a fundamentalist Christian family, and the vicious persecution he endured in the name of saving his soul. It gave hope to many LGBTQ persons, showing them a way forward despite disapproval and harassment.

Today, he is helping LGBTQ persons have families of their own through Growing Generations, the largest surrogacy and egg donation company in the United States. A senior partner of the company, Stuart has first-hand experience with surrogacy, having welcomed a son conceived through the company’s program in 2008.

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Wednesday, September 21 – 7:00 pm   

Emmy Martinez tells us about this once a year remarkable event!

Emmy Martinez, from the LA LGBT Center is this month’s speaker. Emmy will inform us about this must-attend event for our LGBTQ+ youth ages 24 and younger (and allies).

This is the world’s largest FREE conference for LGBTQ+ youth and allies ages 24 and younger. Models of Pride is returning to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary. This all-day conference will include more than one-hundred workshops, a Resource, College, and Job Fair, carnival games, live entertainment, and more!

The conference ALSO includes the Parents and Professionals Institute which offers family members, educators, professionals, and all other adult supporters of LGBTQ+ youth an unparalleled opportunity with others on a similar journey. The day will include dozens of tailored workshops, discussions, resources, and exclusive programming.


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Wednesday, August 17 – 7:00 pm   

No Speaker This Month

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Wednesday, July 20 – 7:00 pm   

Got a favorite LGBTQ teen who is facing the college application process?

Robert Powers, founder of College Torch, is proficient in helping LGBTQ teens with this critical and complicated job. He will suggest some strategies for queer youth, especially those whose lives have been confined to virtual classes and denied opportunities to build the usual resume of activities. As part of his practice, Robert has guided LGBTQ students to safe and supportive colleges by educating families, informing the specifics of their college search, bridging gaps in understanding between students and parents, meeting students where they’re at in their personal journeys, and listening to their individual needs. You can learn more about Robert and College Torch at

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Wednesday, June 15th – 7:00 pm   

Empowering Kids and Teens with LGBTQ History

 Lee Wind is a lighthouse of stories—true and fictional—that empower kids and teens to be their authentic selves and change our world. Closeted until his 20s, Lee writes the books that would have changed his life as a young gay kid. His Masters Degree from Harvard in Education didn’t include blueprints for a time machine to go back and tell these stories to himself, so Lee pays it forward with a popular blog with over 3 million page loads (I’m Here. I’m Queer. What The Hell Do I Read?) and books for kids and teens.

Visit his website and blog at

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Wednesday, April 20 – 7:00 pm   

Bi 101!

RJ Aguiar (he/him) is an internationally recognized producer, advocate, and social media personality.

RJ will introduce us to “Bi 101” covering the basics for anyone who’s not familiar with Bi+ identities and communities. Learn terminology, demographic data and disparities the Bi+ community faces in terms of health, mental health, visibility, and funding. Come with your questions for the Bi+ community.RSVP for our next meeting

Wednesday, March 16 – 7:00 pm   

Lean On Me!

Introducing Colors – Free, unlimited counseling for LGBTQ Youth

Isolation, Zoom classrooms, and social media all make these tough times for young people. They are especially hard for LGBTQ and questioning youth. Our March 16th speaker, Cynthia Ruffin, will talk about Colors LGBTQ Youth  Counseling Services.

Colors provides individual counseling for LGBTQ youth under 25, as well as family counseling to improve understanding and communication skills.

The Colors methodology is LGBTQ affirmation that addresses self-esteem, bullying and oppression. Counselors also educate young people about the proud history and culture of the LGBTQ community.

Cynthia Ruffin, Colors’ manager, has been on the forefront of social justice activism for 25 years. Combining counseling expertise with her theater background, she has developed creative ways of empowering LGBTQ youth and oversees the smooth functioning of the Colors program. RSVP for our next meeting

Wednesday, February 16 – 7:00 pm   

Take a Look, It’s in a Book!

Speakers Are Back at our Westwood Zoom Support Meetings!
Outstanding members of the LGBTQ Community will share their expertise at the beginning of our meeting bringing new ideas to our support groups! RSVP for our next meeting.

Morgan Walsh and Keiko Feldman, founders of Gender Nation Providing LGBTQ affirming books to elementary schools throughout California.

Did you ever find yourself in a book? Perhaps you didn’t until adulthood if you are LGBTQ. Morgan Walsh and Keiko Feldman, who both have LGBTQ children, decided it was time to change that.

They founded Gender Nation, which curates beautiful, inclusive, age-appropriate children’s books that reflect the broad spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. The books are then donated to public schools so that gay and gender nonconforming kids can read stories that support them. Popular with their classmates as well as, the books help educated all children about being different.

Morgan and Keiko have introduced their books to many school districts, with the oversight of principals, teachers, and parents organizations including Glendale, San Diego, Ventura and now LAUSD, reaching half a million kids.

Wednesday, January 19 – 7:00 pm   

Open and Authentic Conversations!

Speakers Are Back at our Westwood Zoom Support Meetings!
Outstanding members of the LGBTQ Community will share their expertise at the beginning of our meeting bringing new ideas to our support groups! RSVP for our next meeting.

January speaker, Chris Tompkins, gives tips on how to have open and authentic conversations about homophobia and transphobia.

Chris Tompkins, author and PFLAG Los Angeles board member, offers insight into meaningful talks with all the kids in your family–nuclear and extended. The author of Raising LGBTQ Allies, Chris has navigated silent homophobia in his own family. When his six-year-old nephew assumed he was straight, Tompkins realized that the supportive people in his life weren’t comfortable talking to their children about LGBTQ matters. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they didn’t know how. He will share tips about starting these conversations from his five-star rated book.