Dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity can be complicated….

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You may be a parent, family member or friend of someone who is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning. You may be an LGBTQ person in the process of coming out and dealing with family, workplace, or social issues related to your sexual orientation or gender identity. Whatever your situation, you’ll find meetings, support, information, acceptance, and friendship at PFLAG Los Angeles.

On our website, you’ll find information about our meetings, copies of our newsletter in PDF format, and information about upcoming events of interest. You can download copies of our brochures for parents, LGBTQ youth, transgender persons and their families and people of faith in English or Spanish. You can sign up to receive monthly updates and meetings reminders.







Organizations can contact our popular Speakers Bureau to schedule a program at your location. Schools (middle and high schools, college and university classrooms), businesses, employee groups, corporations, government agencies, labor unions and museums utilize PFLAG Los Angeles’s free Speakers Bureau to help their students, members and participants understand issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

One-on-one confidential help is available through our Help Lines or e-mail at info@pflagla.orgWe hope this website will encourage you to join us in person. The support, acceptance, and encouragement you’ll find can change your life – it changed ours..