Speakers Bureau

We’re Available to Answer Your Questions

In schools, workplaces, and community organizations,
dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity
can be complicated. Our Speakers Bureau can help.

Teachers and students, principals and parents, counselors and staff may need help to create a safe space where all students can concentrate on learning. PFLAG LA speakers are available for presentations to students in a classroom or assembly setting, to teachers and faculty meetings, and to groups of parents.

Workers, supervisors, unions, and management are realizing it is good business to make organizations friendly to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers, customers, and investors. PFLAG Los Angeles speakers can discuss their experiences (both positive and negative) being out in the workplace.

The PFLAG Los Angeles Speakers’ Bureau provides speakers free of charge to middle schools, high schools, colleges and businesses in and around the Los Angeles area. The engagements usually last one hour and panels can include the straight parent of an LGBT child, a gay man, a lesbian, and a transgender person. At the start of the panel, each speaker makes a three to five minute introductory statement tailored to the audience in which they discuss their background, coming-out story, involvement with the community and/or involvement with PFLAG. The remainder of the engagement is devoted to a question and answer session. Audience members are encouraged to ask question of the presenters. However, we do NOT answer sexually explicit questions, or discuss sexually explicit topics.

To arrange a panel of speakers, please contact Melanie at SpeakersBureau@pflagLA.org a minimum of three weeks prior to the engagement date. In your email, please include your name, day and evening contact information, school or business name and address, date, time, number of classes if more than one, duration of engagement, and information on the class/audience we will be addressing. Please include any information concerning topics of particular interest to your organization. 

Participate in the PFLAG Speakers Bureau. Speak with students and parents to help educate our community about LGBTQ people in all of our diversity. E-mail Melanie for more information.